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Welcome to one of the most comprehensive, accurate and continuously updated historical sales databases for B.C. and Alberta registered commercial transactions.

Quick, easy access to high quality commercial data for multiple property types without having to make numerous phone calls or research endless tax documents or market reports.

Thousands of commercial sales comparables in numerous property types including retail, commercial, industrial, multi-family and vacant land…get the EDGE!


B.C. Major Projects Inventory lists all major projects that are proposed, planned or underway in B.C. with capital costs of atleast $20 million each within the Lower Mainland and projects valued at $15 million or more each in the rest of B.C.

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Market Reports

Market Reports


Commercial real estate sales down, prices up in the Lower Mainland

Vancouver, BC - September 13, 2018 - The Commercial real estate market in the Lower Mainland continued to see fewer transactions in the second quarter (Q2) of 2018 compared to recent years.    

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Researched and verified

Our team reviews and photographs properties and we provide transaction details and consolidate property documentation for our subscribers.

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The latest information from BC and Alberta registries is uploaded to Commercial EDGE monthly.



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